09 July 2014

08 July 2014

'tis the season

Next Barn Over, Hadley

01 July 2014

bird's eye valley view

I flew a plane the other day (you know, no big deal) and here are some aerial pics.
 Peace Pagoda
 Sugarloaf Mountain
The Route 9 bridge, with traffic as usual
Uh oh, landing!

30 June 2014

kiddie portraits

Recently donated a photo session for S's school and here are some from the shoot. Natural light ended up working best in the beautiful Mt. Holyoke College campus setting

25 June 2014

nature nourishement=necessary

 Sky fluff


Congrats to the stunning bride and groom!

16 June 2014

mane street

03 June 2014

mount greylock

Hiked the highest peak in Massachusetts recently, perfect light, perfect weather.
Magic lady at hidden water reservoir
 With her two chow chows, Harry and Sonia.